"People that partner with Goettl become millionaires."

- Stephen Gamst

"I take pride in how strong my company has become."

- Todd Longbrake

"Profits have doubled thanks to Goettl’s practices."

- Will Hawkins

"My company has grown stronger each year with Goettl."

- Eric Dutton

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We’re looking to open the conversation about new partnerships with anyone that owns a plumbing or air conditioning company. Here’s how it works:

  1. Engage in an initial conversation to get to know one another.
  2. If both parties believe it is a good fit, we’ll arrange additional meetings to go over financials and a partnership plan.
  3. We grow together.

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Will's AllPro Plumbing & Air Conditioning

AllPro Plumbing & HVAC

Owner: Will Hawkins

“I sold my company to Goettl, but I still get to call a lot of the shots here on a daily basis. Ken makes sure that people who partner with his company are given the opportunity to run the business. We have access to the resources of a larger company, and the autonomy to run things on our own.”

Dutton Plumbing

Dutton Plumbing

Owner: Eric Dutton

“My company was like a member of my family, but it was starting to stagnate. After talking with Ken and becoming partners with Goettl we were given the tools to see the company not only live on, but thrive. I can honestly say that I would have never considered selling my company to anyone other than Ken.”

Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Owner: Stephen Gamst

I spent years in the rat race, just like most of my family has in this industry. My business was my entire life, but eventually I had to come to terms with the fact that while I knew how to do HVAC repairs, I didn’t necessarily have a mind for business. Knowing that made me want to partner with Goettl. Ken not only made me his partner, but mentored me and gave me an education in how to do things the right way. Now, my business has gone further than I ever thought before.

Paradise Air

Paradise Air, Inc.

Owner: Clayton Johnson

Located in Las Vegas, NV for all of your residential and commercial heating and cooling needs. Serving the entire Las Vegas area since 2003, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and are continually striving to deliver the best service possible. We also strongly believe in continuing education for our all of our staff.

Walton's Air Conditioning

Walton's Heating and Air

Owner: Todd Longbrake

“Some people think Ken’s intention is to come into a business, tell you whatever you want to hear, and take it over. That couldn’t be further from the reality. His only intention is to help businesses grow. He offers a fresh perspective to help people see the forest through the trees, with an aim to help them grow in their profession and in the company.”

The Honest Plumber

The Honest Plumber

Owner: Troy Winkel

Established in 2000 with one truck and one plumber, the Honest Plumber has grown to over 20 employees and more than $3 million in gross revenue. Owners Troy and Markene Winkel are joined by their son, Terrin as well as Marlene’s brother, Mark Fujita and her mother Debby.

Eternal Services

Eternal Plumbing Solutions, LLC.

Owner: Kyle Lessard

We stepped foot into the Las Vegas Service Arena in 2016, and did so in a big way! Serving over 5000 clients in our first year, growing to a 14 team member company in just twelve months!

Eternal Services


Owner: Bill Moore

Ken and I ran our businesses very differently. While he has always had an eye for expansion, I had never even run an ad. My business was based only on word of mouth, but when I was ready to retire I knew that would have to change. He taught me alot about how to run a business, and I finally saw the value in branding a company the way he has. Ken kept my daughter and employees on the team when we partnered, provided a smooth transition, and has grown the business tremendously.

Sonoran Air, Inc.

Sonoran Air, Inc.

Owner: Greg Cobb

We install and service quality, high efficiency air conditioning systems using Lennox and Trane brand products. We take pride in installing and servicing all residential units at competitive prices.

Get to know Goettl

The Goettl name has been recognized for excellence in heating and air conditioning installation and service for over eight decades, since originally established by Gust and Adam Goettl. Goettl has succeeded and prospered through seven decades of business and technology changes and transitions.

Logo of Goettl

Goettl: What We Believe

Goettl What We Believe In

What Inspired "Goettl"

The Ten Year Old Boy Who Inspired Goettl Air Conditioning

About Goettl's CEO

Ken is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive with over 30 years of experience in acquiring, integrating and developing HVAC, plumbing and contracting businesses. He is highly skilled in developing high-performance leadership teams with a focus on growth, process improvement, customer satisfaction and accountability for performance; building and selling eight companies throughout his career. However, Ken began his career as an HVAC technician and is a licensed general HVAC & Plumbing contractor in Nevada, Arizona and California.

See what the industry says about Ken

About Ken Goodrich

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the initial call all about?

Our typical process is that we get to learn a bit about you, your family, and your business and you get to do the same with us.

Who will be on the initial call?

A senior member or members of the Goettl leadership team and typically Ken will join on the call as well.

Can I sell my business and leave/retire?

We are open to all sorts of structures, but our model is typically the most successful when we align forces and you remain in place as the branch operator.

Can you give an example of "Goettl Growth"

Absolutely. We acquired Walton’s and the company was doing around 650k a year. Within 2 years the newly branded Goettl branch was doing 15M. Is that enough growth?

Want Additional Insight?

Goettl’s CEO, Ken Goodrich co-authored The E Myth HVAC Contractor with Michael E. Gerber that provides in depth guidance on exactly how Ken applied the original, world renowned book “The E Myth” in his own businesses to scale from being in debt to the IRS to 100m+ in revenue.

The E Myth: HVAC Contractor

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